Organization Manual: Professional Development Committee

The committee is responsible for identifying, planning, and communicating professional development opportunities to the membership. It began as an ad hoc committee in March 2015, and then the executive committee voted in July to make it permeant starting in January 2016. A key rationale for the committee’s formation was to seek to expand professional development opportunities for Iowa academic librarians beyond information literacy and include other areas such as archives, technical services, interlibrary loan, access services, and leadership/management.


The committee develops and shares monthly emails listing professional development opportunities, coordinates the selection of two ACRL webinars per year (free to the chapter), plans opportunities for the fall ILA and spring ILA/ACRL conferences in coordination with conference planners, manages the Librarian Exchange directory, and supports individuals and institutions in planning professional development opportunities. 

Schedule of Activities


  • Create and distribute via the listserv a list of professional development opportunities for the month. This can be done by the chair or delegated to committee members.
  • Consider new professional development opportunities the committee could provide or support.  

January & February

  • Welcome new members and schedule monthly online meeting time.
  • Plan for any participation in the fall ILA conference. Proposals typically are due in early February.


  • Select the first of two ACRL webinars for the chapter for the year. Selection may be done by the committee or through a survey of membership. The agreement with ACRL allows for five site licenses for live viewing, and the link to the recording can be shared with all members.
  • Plan a professional development opportunity for the spring conference, either a concurrent session or un-conference event.


  • Attend the ILA/ACRL Spring Conference or appoint a representative.


  • Select the second of the two ACRL webinars for the chapter.


  • Attend the ILA Fall Conference or appoint a representative. 

Professional Development Chairs

2024  Sarah Slaughter, University of Dubuque
2023  Dan Chibnall, Drake University
2022  Dan Chibnall, Drake University
2021  Laurie Neuerburg, University of Iowa
2020  Laurie Neuerburg, University of Iowa
2019  Mary Anderson, Central College
2018  Mary Anderson, Central College
2017  Cathy Cranston, University of Iowa
2016  Carrie Dunham­-LaGree, Drake University

Update these instructions for next year’s committee.