Two at-large members of the Executive Board serve on behalf of the entire ILA/ACRL membership. Their role includes fostering a broad view of the organization and bringing together various viewpoints for the overall benefit of the Chapter. One at-large member is elected by the membership each year to serve a two-year term.

In the past, the at-large members have assumed a range of responsibilities including appointment to Ad Hoc Committees when needed. Traditionally, at-large members participate in a self-determined project to assist the Chapter with current needs.

Schedule of Activities

AugustIn the year before the term of office begins, candidates for the position of At-Large Member of the Executive Board are contacted by the Membership Committee to accept a nomination. Letters of acceptance must be written and returned to the Committee along with biographical information for the ballot.

OctoberAttend the ILA Annual Meeting and the ILA/ACRL Business Meeting for the introduction of candidates. The election of Chapter officers occurs by email ballot after the Annual Meeting, and the term officially begins January 1. The overlap from the election until assuming the responsibilities of the office allows time for orientation, conversation with the retiring officer, and clarification of the activities that are involved.

November/DecemberAttend the transitional ILA/ACRL Executive Board planning meeting, which provides an opportunity to discuss the coming year’s activities with the Executive Board. Be prepared to contribute appropriately to the plans and responsibilities that develop. Plan to attend scheduled Executive Board meetings when possible and assume responsibility as necessary.

At the end of the second year of a term of office, prepare revisions to these Organization Manual pages and submit them to the President. Transfer archival reports of activities and other papers to the outgoing Secretary/Treasurer and send notes of appreciation to key individuals. The term of office ends on December 31 of the second year.

April/MayThe Spring Conference traditionally includes a business meeting of the general membership; attend if possible

At-Large Members

1987 Rebecca Johnson, University of Iowa–elected in 1986 for a one-year term

1987 Liga Briedis, Drake University–elected in 1986 for a two-year term

1988 Rebecca Johnson, University of Iowa

1989 Gail Bonath, Grinnell College

1990 Tom Kessler, University of Northern Iowa

1991 Mary McInroy, University of Iowa

1992 Carolynne Lathrop, University of Dubuque

1993 Georgia Quirk, University of Northern Iowa

1994 Marianne Ryan, University of Iowa

1995 Ed Goedeken, Iowa State University

1996 Pam Kress, Loras College (resigned after 1 year)

1997 Joan Loslo, UNI (elected in 1996 for one-year term)

1997 Mary Anne Knefel, University of Dubuque (elected in 1996 for 2-year term)

1998 Richard Reitsma, Northwestern College

1999 Jane Campagna, Scott Community College

2000 Kathy Parsons, Iowa State University

2001 John Pollitz, St. Ambrose University

2002 Jean Donham, Cornell College

2003 Steve Ostrem, University of Iowa

2004 Arron Wings, Kirkwood Community College 

2005 Elizabeth Gardner, Southeastern Community College

2006 Jane Campanga, Scott Community College

2007 Duncan Stewart, University of Iowa

2008 Kim Babcock, Wartburg College

2009 Kate Hess, Kirkwood Community College

2010 Natalie Hutchinson, Central College

2011 Mike Wright, University of Iowa

2012 Anne Marie Gruber, University of Dubuque

If you were an at-large-member between 2013-2018, please contact [email protected] to help update this list.

_?__ (before 2017) Jennifer Sterling, William Penn University

2019 Kate Kitchens, University of Dubuque

2020 Cathy Cranston, University of Iowa