Org. Manual: President

Sept 2021 version – still needs updating

The President serves as the chief executive officer of the organization and in this capacity presides at all Chapter meetings, oversees the business of the Chapter, and serves as an official liaison to ILA and ACRL. The President assumes office after serving an elected term as Vice-President/President-Elect. Although duties of the office officially begin on January 1, the transfer of responsibility begins at the Annual Planning Session where the incoming President develops the meeting agenda, plans the following year’s activity, and compiles the budget.

The President of the Chapter submits the budget to ILA and approves expenditures and all payments. At the end of the term of office an annual report is prepared for the Executive Board of ILA.  In addition, ACRL requires an annual report based on the fiscal year which maps the chapter’s activities to organizational goals. This report is due in late Spring/early Summer. The originals of all agendas, reports, and other documents are given to the Secretary/Treasurer for transfer to the Chapter archives.

During the year contact is maintained with all officers and committee chairs in order to monitor the progress of the Chapter. The President appoints officers and members to fill ILA/ACRL offices and committee vacancies when they arise and calls Executive Board meetings as needed during the year. For such meetings the President prepares the agenda and oversees arrangements for a mutually agreeable meeting place and facilities.

There are membership business meetings at the Annual Meeting and traditionally at the Spring Conference. The President develops the agenda and provides information and documents to communicate with the membership. Throughout the year the President prepares news and information for publication in the ILA/ACRL Newsletter, the ILA Catalyst, and ALA/ACRL Chapter Topics. In addition, the President utilizes the Chapter listserv for current news items of interest and the “members-only” announcement list for official business items.

Schedule of Activities


During the term as Vice-President/President-Elect, begin serious planning for the presidential year. See the activity list for the office of Vice-President/President-Elect for details.


Officially assume the office of President. Assist Program Committees in developing and finalizing plans for the Spring and Fall Meetings. It may be necessary to act as a liaison in confirming speaker arrangements for the ILA/ACRL Spring Conference. The ILA/ACRL Fall Program Committee usually works through the ILA Conference Planning Committee for the ILA Fall Meeting.

Along with Vice-President/President-Elect and/or Chapters Council Representative attend Chapters Council at ALA Midwinter if possible.

If spending ACRL chapter funding, submit paperwork as soon as possible.

Prepare the ILA/ACRL report for the ILA Executive Board meeting.


Catalyst article deadline for March issue to make sure information on Spring Conference is included (work with Spring Conference Planning Committee).

Prepare the ILA/ACRL report for the ILA Executive Board meeting.


Follow-up on Spring Conference arrangements.


Spring Conference: prepare for the business meeting.

Prepare the ILA/ACRL report for the ILA Executive Board meeting.


Catalyst article deadline for May issue. Prepare a short report and perhaps pictures of Spring Conference (work with Spring Conference Planning Committee).


Post-conference follow-up (expenses and thank yous).

Deadline for continuing education credits for the Fall program.

In collaboration with the ACRL Chapters Council Representative, prepare annual report for National ACRL, called the ACRL Plan for Excellence – you will be prompted by an ACRL staff member via email. This is a fiscal year report, not calendar year, so you will need to work with the past president to make sure all activities are accounted for.


Consider an Executive Board meeting to process unresolved business.

Catalyst article deadline for July issue.

Along with Vice-President/President-Elect and/or Chapters Council Representative attend Chapters Council if possible.

Prepare the ILA/ACRL report for the ILA Executive Board meeting, requesting ILA approval for the ILA/ACRL Spring Conference date and location as an action item.


In response to ILA letter, apply for continuing education credit for Fall Conference program.

If not completed sooner, prepare request for reimbursement from ACRL.


Catalyst article deadline for September issue.

Deadline for requesting reimbursement from national ACRL for approved expenditures, such as mailing expenditures.

Prepare the ILA/ACRL report for the ILA Executive Board meeting.



Hold ILA/ACRL Executive Board meeting if necessary.


Prepare for business meeting at ILA conference.

Attend ILA conference.

Work with Fall Program Chair to issue thank you notes to program speakers.

Catalyst article deadline for November issue.

Send report of the Fall Meeting to ACRL.


Submit annual report to ILA.

Attend the Annual Planning Session and transfer materials to the incoming President. Update these Organization Manual pages and pass the revisions to the incoming President.


Compile any required annual reports and send to ILA or national offices. Sort papers for the Chapter archives and give to Secretary-Treasurer. Oversee or complete this process.

Write letter of appreciation to key individuals.

Prepare the ILA/ACRL report for the ILA Executive Board meeting.


Communicate with officers and committee chairs, oversee activity progress, make appointments to fill committee vacancies, authorize expenditures, monitor account balance.

Special Information

  1. Primary advice is: Start early and stay informed. Officers and Committee Chairs are likely to need assistance and/or encouragement which may be possible when time remains and information flows both ways.
  2. Whenever there is any doubt, utilize the Chapter Bylaws as guidelines in making decisions.

There are two operating budgets: ILA and ACRL:


The ILA budget is built at the ILA Fall Planning Retreat for the following budget year. A special form is provided by ILA and returned while at the Retreat or can be submitted within one week after Retreat. This budget projects the amount to be spent by each ILA/ACRL unit and is based upon previous practice and any new program expansions. This is completed by the incoming President (Vice-President/President-Elect).

Beginning January 1, the new President will submit bills to be paid. The normal procedure is:

  1. a) A bill from an activity is given to the Chapter President.
  2. b) The President completes an ILA Expenditure Authorization form.
  3. c) E-Mail the form with invoice or sales slip to ILA Office.
  4. d) Send a copy of the form to the Secretary/Treasurer for tracking purposes.

Work with Spring Conference Chair to send checks and cash received as registration fees for the Spring Meeting to the ILA office for deposit into the ILA/ACRL account. The only other income that is regularly received comes from ACRL and is mailed directly to the ILA office.

Background information:

ILA maintains one bank account for the entire association and maintains separate records for each roundtable, forum, or group within that one account.

For the record, ILA/ACRL used to have three separate funds: the general fund for most of the Chapter operating expenses, the Pat Foley Fund that provides scholarship awards for the Spring and Fall Meetings, and the Cooperation Coordinating Committee fund for committee activities. Now all of the money is in one fund. The CCC fund was absorbed in December 1993 to be used for the ad hoc committee on Resource Sharing created that fall.

National ACRL

The incoming President should receive an ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures which outlines requirements for budgetary information and reimbursement requests. In accordance with ACRL guidelines, each Chapter must submit an annual budget request. This is simply a matter of completing a form (sent by national office to the Chapter President and Vice President) claiming our per ACRL member allocation. The amount ACRL will give is determined by the number of Iowa members who are members of ACRL. This task is completed by the President in the early summer (deadline is in August). Any other expenses to be claimed from ACRL, e.g., reimbursement for speakers from the Chapters Speakers Bureau, must also be received by ACRL by the August deadline stated on the form.


1976 Marion Rains, William Penn College

1977 Kay Elliott, St. Ambrose College

1978 Art Hielkema, Northwestern College

1979 Charles LeMaster, Morningside College

1980 David Martin, University of Iowa

1981 Sister Joan Sheil, Marycrest College

1982 Corinne Potter, St. Ambrose College

1983 Patricia Foley, University of Iowa

1984 Patricia Foley, University of Iowa

1985 Jamie Coniglio, Iowa State University

1986 Elizabeth Kaschins, Luther College

1987 Dorothy Persson, University of Iowa

1988 Marilyn Moody, Iowa State University

1989 Patrick Wilkinson, University of Northern Iowa

1990 Jane Kemp, Luther College

1991 Phil Van De Voorde, Iowa State University

1992 Jill Miller, Kirkwood College

1993 Catherine Rod, Grinnell College

1994 Leo Clougherty, University of Iowa

1995 Tina Herb, Kirkwood College

1996 Robert Rose, University of Northern Iowa

1997 Mary McInroy, University of Iowa

1998 Mary Beveridge, Drake University

1999 Chris Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa

2000 Ed Goedeken, Iowa State University

2001 Jane Campagna, Scott Community College

2002 Rachel Crowley, Morningside College

2003 John Pollitz, St. Ambrose University

2004 Ellen Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa

2005 Kathy Parsons, Iowa State University

2006 Rebecca Stuhr, Grinnell College

2007 Jean Donham, Cornell College

2008 Mary Heinzman, St. Ambrose University

2009 Brett Cloyd, University of Iowa

2010 Mary Iber, Cornell College

2011 Ryan Gjerde, Luther College

2012 Rebecca Funke, Des Moines Area Community College

2013 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa

2014 Dan Chibnall, Grand View University

2015 Anne Marie Gruber, University of Dubuque

2016 Sara Scheib, University of Iowa

2017 Beth McMahon, Central College

2018 Jennifer Sterling, William Penn University

2019 Julia Dickinson Salting, St. Ambrose University

2020 Liz Riordan, University of Iowa