Organization Manual: ILA/ACRL Fall Conference Liaison

Term: 3 years

What: Ensure academic libraries’ interests are adequately represented at the ILA Fall Conference

How: Serve on the ILA Conference Planning Committee (CPC) and report back to the ILA/ACRL Executive Board regularly.

Time Commitment: 90-minute meetings once per month, with additional sub-committee meetings as necessary. Additional meetings may be needed as the conference approaches.


January – April

  • Committee Tasks
    • Plan first committee meeting for February
    • Committee Meets at conference hotel
  • Review survey comments from last year (exhibitors & attendees)
  • Timelines shared for committee and subcommittees
  • DMS timeline shared for key dates
  • Create prospective exhibitor list (using last year’s list and new suggestions)
  • Brainstorm speakers and topics at committee meeting
  • Finalize call for proposals timeline
  • Discuss Grand Openings
  • Determine sponsorship opportunities
  • Sub-committees meet
  • Cross-check session proposals with topic/idea submissions, follow up as needed on topic/idea submissions
  • Speaker subcommittee begins review of proposals
  • Speaker subcommittee collects info/details on potential keynote speakers
  • Determine communication plan/timeline for prospective exhibitors w/DMS
  • Speaker subcommittee meeting to select sessions/create program
  • Speaker subcommittee begins contacting keynote speakers to ask them to speak  
  • Speaker subcommittee follows up on sessions as needed
  • Exhibitor Chair updates exhibitor packet letter


  • General
    • Online registration goes live in early May
    • Initial email to exhibitors sent in early May
    • Reminder emails about early bird deadline period
  • Committee Tasks
    • Committee Meets
  • Subcommittee Tasks
    • Committee Meets
    • Exhibitor subcommittee makes contact with corporate members that have not yet registered for a booth
    • Work with DMS to assign booth spaces to early birds


  • General Info
    • Early bird deadline ends early June
    • DMS shares spreadsheet with early bird results 
    • Blast email to potential vendors about registration
  • Committee Tasks
    • Committee meets
  • Subcommittee Tasks
    • Sub-commitees meet
    • Exhibitor subcommittee sends personalized emails to select group (vendors who have attended in the past but not currently registered; phone calls made 1 to 2 weeks later if no response)
    • Local arrangements subcommittee determine gifts for vendors if budget available


  • Committee Tasks
    • Review registration brochure for publication and mailing on Aug 1
  • Subcommittee tasks
    • Exhibitor subcommittee plans and prepares for conference attendee activities


  • General info
    • Email to vendors about approaching deadline sent out
  • Committee Tasks
    • Committee Meets
  • Subcommittee Tasks
    • Review booth space assignments with DMS


  • General Info
    • Emails sent out for:
      • Vendors regarding registration deadline
      • Exhibitors about onsite information
  • Committee Tasks
    • Exhibitor subcommittee determines needs for Grand Opening signage


  • Tasks
    • Exhibitor subcommittee sets up exhibitor reg table
    • Exhibitor subcommittee gets photos of vendors for slideshow
    • Exhibitor subcommittee manages/runs grand opening
    • Exhibitor subcommittee facilitates exhibitor meeting for Thurs afternoon


ILA/ACRL Fall Conference Liaison

2024 Maggie Halterman-Dess
2023 Maggie Halterman-Dess
2022 Maggie Halterman-Dess
2021 Erica Knapp
2020 Erica Knapp

Fall Program Committee Chairs 

2019 Claudia Frazer, Drake University
2018 Claudia Frazer, Drake University
2017 Ellen Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa
2016 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2015 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2014 Julia Dickinson, St. Ambrose University
2013 Julia Dickinson, St. Ambrose University
2012 Kate Hess, Kirkwood
2011 Kathy Parsons, Iowa State University
2009 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2008 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2007 Barbara Robb
2006 Barbara Robb
2005 Becky Lutkenhaus, University of Northern Iowa
2004 Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa
2003 Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa
2002 Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa
2001 Stephen Dew, University of Iowa
2000 Rachel Crowley, Morningside College
1999 John Pollitz, St. Ambrose University
1998 Katherine Martin, University of Northern Iowa
1997 Richard Reitsma, Northwestern College
1996 Carolynne Lathrop, University of Dubuque

Ad Hoc Fall Program Committee Chairs

1995 Carolynne Lathrop, University of Dubuque
1994 Kris Gerhard, Iowa State University and Bob Rose, University of Northern Iowa

Update these instructions for next year’s committee.