Organization Manual: College Readiness Committee


NOTICE: The College and Career Readiness Committee was dissolved in 2022. For more information, please see this page This section of the organization manual will remain public through 2023 and will be taken down, along with the Iowa School Libraries website, in 2024. 

The College Readiness Committee began as two committees, the K12/Higher Education ad hoc committee and the K-16 Joint Steering Committee created in 2011 by ILA-ACRL & IASL, respectively. The mutual goal of these two committees was to develop future plans for collaboration, in particular, to focus on concerns related to K-16 information literacy. 

The ILA-ACRL ad hoc committee was appointed for a maximum of two terms of two years each (as outlined in ILA-ACRL by-laws) and ended its final term in November 2015. In that time, the committee had completed substantial work implementing an edited version of a Tools for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy (TRAILS) test, designed by Kent State University, to develop a baseline understanding of the information literacy college readiness of first-year students from higher education institutions across the state. Findings from the assessments provided a baseline understanding of students’ information literacy college readiness. Based on these findings, suggestions were made for professional development and advocacy opportunities to support sustained K-16 information literacy efforts.

Based on the success of these two committees, ILA/ACRL & IASL executive boards recommended the development of a permanent joint ILA/ACRL & IASL College Readiness Committee.

Committee charge:

Support K-12 library programs, ensure collaboration to provide strong K-16 information literacy efforts throughout the state, and conduct assessment and advocacy. 


The committee develops resources and opportunities to strengthen K-16 information literacy efforts across the state. As part of this effort, they maintain Iowa School Libraries, an online space to share projects on assessment, information literacy, advocacy, and professional development strategies for Iowa School librarians.

Monthly or every other month

  • Hold virtual committee meeting
  • Distribute communications about relevant committee work or local and national information literacy/college readiness resources and initiatives to relevant listservs and social media outlets, including: SLIK, ILA-ACRL


  • Plan a presentation/session for the spring ILA/ACRL conference to share out committee work, especially as it relates to developing an awareness about the current state of K-12 libraries and information literacy programs across the state.
  • Attend the ILA/ACRL Conference or appoint a representative  
  • Plan a presentation/session for the summer IASL/Reading Conference


  • Try to arrange a face-to-face working meeting to complete or continue projects in the works.


  • Attend the fall ILA Conference or appoint a representative.

College Readiness Chairs
2022 Angie Cox
2021 Anne Marie Gruber
2020 Katie Hassman
2019 Katie Hassman
2018 Ericka Raber, University of Iowa
2017 Ericka Raber, University of Iowa
2016 Ericka Raber, University of Iowa, and Val Ehlers, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, Grundy Center

Update these instructions for next year’s committee.