Keeping Up in Iowa With Open Access

Today the ILA/ACRL Professional Development Committee brings you "Keeping Up In Iowa With Open Access" presented by Abbey Elder, Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian at Iowa State University. Have questions, comments, or more ideas? We encourage you to post them in the comments!


Urgent Call to Action from ILA

 “The Iowa Board of Education Examiners (BOEE) has proposed reductions to the credit hour requirements for endorsements for certain teachers, including School Librarians. ILA is concerned, and has expressed that concern in a letter to the BOEE, with these reductions. The reductions are from 36 credit hours to 24 credit hours and would cause a drop in the quality of education across the state. We want the BOEE and the legislature to maintain the current version of endorsements.”


From ILA/ACRL President Liz Riordan:

It’s been known for years, and several studies have shown*, that quality library programs in our K-12 schools has a positive effect on student achievement. As academic librarians, we understand the impact the presence of a skilled librarian can have on a student’s work in the classroom. In times where we find ourselves constantly fighting misinformation, we understand the absolute necessity of having prepared and skilled librarians teaching our K-12 students the importance of information use and ethics.


The Iowa Board of Education Examiners (BOEE) want to reduce the credit hour requirements for endorsements for certain teachers, including School Librarians. Ask yourselves what this would mean to the quality of education across our state. In an age where there is so much information readily available at our fingertips, it is essential to have highly-trained school librarians  who can teach Iowa’s children the skills they need to critically assess information and develop the thinking skills they will need moving forward in their educational and professional pursuits.


As academic librarians, we need to work to maintain and improve our quality of education in Iowa so that our students are prepared to take on the challenges of the 21st century. That is why ILA/ACRL is asking for you to take time and follow these steps laid out by ILA. Contrary to popular belief, librarians can make lots of noise, and when we are loud enough, we make an impact. So please, take time to contact the BOEE Members and ARRC Members who will impact this decision. Make yourself heard.


Project spotlight: College Readiness — Your collaboration toolbox

A teacher talks to a student during class in a computer lab.

Connecting with classroom teachers and appealing to administrators about library instruction can be a challenge. The ILA College Readiness committee understands the struggle, so we invite you to check out the resources available on our website!



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