ILA/ACRL 2021 Election: Proposed Bylaws Changes & Candidates

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ILA/ACRL Election 2021 Graphic

ILA/ACRL will hold our 2021 election via a Qualtrics Survey in November.

You will be asked to vote for two executive board positions and for or against two proposed bylaws changes.

Voting is open between November 4 and November 11, 2021. Results will be announced over the listserv once voting closes.  For an electronic ballot, thirty-five percent of the voting membership (48) will constitute a quorum, and a two-thirds majority of those voting (32) will decide the issue of a bylaw change. 

Vice-President/President-Elect Candidate:

Laurie Neuerburg


As the Sciences Reference and Outreach Librarian at the University of Iowa Libraries, Laurie Neuerburg is the librarian liaison  to Biology, Physics and Astronomy, and the Pride Alliance Center at the University of Iowa. She earned her MSLS from UNC-Chapel Hill and her MS in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Houston-Victoria. She received the ILA/ACRL Mary Iber Spring Conference Scholarship in 2018. She began serving as a member of the ILA/ACRL Professional Development Committee in 2018 and currently serves as the chair of the ILA/ACRL Professional Development Committee. She is on the Special Libraries Association Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Awards Committee and also serves on the ACRL STS Professional Development Committee. In 2020, she served as the SLA Iowa Chapter President and as co-chair of the Iowa City Darwin Day Planning Committee. In her local community, she is currently a member of the Solon Public Library Board of Trustees. 


It is an honor to run for ILA/ACRL Vice President/President-Elect and humbling to follow in the path of our previous ILA/ACRL leaders who have navigated the challenges of the ongoing pandemic with relentless compassion, resilience, and dedication to teaching, research, and community engagement in our academic communities. As ILA/ACRL Vice President/President-Elect, I would continue to support the excellent work that Iowa academic library employees carry out to connect their communities with access to accurate, research-based information and to promote the health and safety of our staff and patrons even when it is challenging to do so. I would welcome ideas from ILA/ACRL members about the directions and ways in which we would like our organization to grow in the future. As ILA/ACRL Vice President/ President-Elect, I would work to build upon our past successes as an organization to be more inclusive, more sustainable, and more accessible as we offer rich and meaningful professional connections and opportunities to current and future members.

Member at Large Candidates:

Daniel Williams


Daniel Williams earned his BA in Philosophy from Divine Word College and his ML, Master of Librarianship, from the University of South Carolina.  He also studied at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan while teaching in junior and senior high schools there.  After working in libraries in his home state of Georgia, and in South Carolina, he returned to Iowa and is currently the Library Director at Divine Word College.

He is a member of the Iowa Library Association, the American Library Association, and the Catholic Library Association.  He has also remained involved in his community as an election poll worker and a member of the Civil Air Patrol.


I am pleased, and honored, to be considered for election as Member-at-Large of the Executive Board. Since returning to Iowa several years, I have enjoyed working with librarians in my area and across the state.  I am looking forward to continuing to learning more about our association and making even more meaningful connections with other members.  If elected I will strive to work hard for libraries across Iowa and to serve the members of ILA/ACRL.

Maggie Halterman-Dess


Maggie Halterman-Dess is a lifelong Iowan and received both her BA in Japanese Language and Literature and MLIS from the University of Iowa; as the Library Annex Coordinator for the University of Iowa Libraries she supervises operations of the offsite storage facility including stacks management and interlibrary loan. She chairs the ILA/ACRL Electronic Communications Committee and serves on two of the ALA New Members Round Table committees, the Shared Print Alliance's Infrastructure Working Group Resource Sharing Taskforce, ILA's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, the Iowa Museums, Archives, and Libraries Emergency Response Team (IMALERT), and the HathiTrust User Support Working Group.


It has been my privilege over the past two years to serve on the ILA/ACRL executive board and to have opportunities to get to know so many of you, especially during our virtual town halls. Building on these experiences, I am running for the position of Member-at-Large in order to continue this work in new ways. Together, we are creating a dynamic organization that connects its members as a community throughout the state of Iowa and provides them with learning and growth opportunities. Membership in ILA/ACRL has been greatly beneficial for me; I want to reciprocate that good and to ensure that this organization serves its members as well as possible, so I hope that you will consider my candidacy for Member-at-Large.


Proposed Changes to Bylaws



Section 1. Officers 

There will be three officers of the Chapter: a President, a Vice-President/President-Elect, and a Secretary/Treasurer. All officers must be members of the Iowa ACRL Chapter; the President and Vice-President/President-Elect must also be members of the ACRL subdivision of ALA or the chapter may have a delegate who is a member of the executive board of the chapter and also a member of ACRL.



  1. The financial burden of joining ACRL can be a deterrent to serving as an officer of ILA-ACRL. Consequently, this change would open up leadership opportunities to more members.
  2. The ACRL Chapter guidelines indicate a chapter delegate who is a member of the executive board is a satisfactory alternative to having the president and vice-president be members of ACRL. See 5.7.1 Roles and Responsibilities of Chapters.
  3. ILA-ACRL already has a ACRL Chapters Council Representative.


Executive Board

Section 1. Membership

The Executive Board will consist of the officers of the Chapter, the immediate Past President, the chairs of the standing committees, the ILA Annual Conference Liaison, and two at-large members. The ACRL Chapter Government Relations Representative and ACRL Chapters Council Representative will serve as non-voting ex officio members of the Executive Board.


In June 2018 ILA-ACRL revised its bylaws to dissolve the Fall Program Committee and replace it with the ILA Annual Conference Liaison in response to changes in the organization of the ILA Annual Conference. When these bylaws changes were made, the addition of the ILA Annual Conference Liaison to the Executive Board membership was neglected.

Nominations and Elections

Section 3. Nominations 

The Membership Committee will nominate at least one candidate for each elected position. No person will serve as an officer of the Chapter unless he or she is they are a member of the Chapter and ACRL. No person will serve as a member of the Executive Board unless he or she is they are a member of the Chapter. If a member of the Membership Committee becomes a candidate for election he or she is they must resign from that committee. The Membership Committee will verify the qualifications of all candidates for office. 


  1. The replacement of “he or she” with “they” is proposed to reflect the importance of welcoming, inclusive language.
  2. See above for the rationale for removal of “and ACRL.”