REALM project Update and Toolkit

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Hello all, OCLC and IMLS have released an update from the REALM project, including a handy-dandy toolkit with easy-to-understand PDFs for libraries!

I (Maggie Halterman-Dess) sat in on the ALA Connect Live session with IMLS and OCLC on October 22, and here are my definitely-not-an-epidemiologist takeaways:

  • Respiratory droplets from people breathing in an enclosed space are generally considered to be of the greatest concern for transmission
  • Ergo, proper ventilation, especially going in to the colder months, is another concern
  • The virus seems to attenuate (die off) more quickly in warm and humid environments- again, dry winter weather will be an issue
  • It's still likely a good idea to quarantine materials for a few days (2-3) before returning them to circulation