Support the Commission on Libraries this Lobby from Home Day

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You have probably seen several communications from the Iowa Library Association about the upcoming Lobby from Home Day on Monday, February 10th.

There are a number of important issues at hand this legislative session, and you can find ILA's 2020 legislative agenda here, and more information about Lobby from Home Day here.

Last week, our spotlight was on the Board of Education Examiners' proprosed reduction in required training for Teacher Librarians. This week, we ask you to contact state senators to oppose legislation to dissolve the Commission on Libraries and make the State Librarian answerable to the Director of the Department of Education. This move would negatively impact the autonomy of the State Librarian.

Tuesday Morning, 2/11, at 11 am, a subcommittee will be meeting regarding these changes. Subcommittees are the time where the public can address the Legislature, so now is the time to act! Three senators will be reviewing the proposed legislation; we ask that you contact them and let them know how this change will affect librarians around the state.

The Senators are:

Chris Cournoyer -  [email protected]

Ken Rozenboom[email protected]

Pam Jochum[email protected]

Please make your voice heard on this and the TL issue and support libraries in the state of Iowa!

PS: Always be sure to follow your employer's conflict of interest and advocacy policies (e.g. Not using work e-mail or phone to contact legislators).