Ballot forthcoming! Watch your inbox Wednesday June 26

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Proposal to revise ILA/ACRL Bylaws Article V. Section 1. Officers

On May 23, 2019 at the ILA/ACRL Business Meeting, the Executive Board presented a bylaws amendment for discussion. Members present voted to send the amendment to the whole membership for a vote via electronic ballot.

Amending the bylaws by electronic ballot relies on a quorum of 35% of the membership. A two-thirds majority of those voting is required in order to approve or reject the amendment.

The electronic ballot will be available June 26th through July 9th. Results will be announced via the ILA-ACRL email listserv and social media channels.

Purpose: Remove the national ACRL membership requirement for the ILA/ACRL Secretary/Treasurer.

ILA/ACRL Bylaws Article V. Section 1. Officers

There will be three officers of the Chapter: a President, a Vice-President/President-Elect, and a Secretary/Treasurer. Officers must be members of both the Chapter and ACRL.

Proposed Revision:
There will be three officers of the Chapter: a President, a Vice-President/President-Elect, and a Secretary/Treasurer.
All officers must be members of the Iowa ACRL Chapter; the President and Vice-President/President-Elect must also be members of the ACRL subdivision of ALA.

Rationale: The ILA/ACRL Bylaws requirements for elected Chapter/Subdivision officers is more stringent than those of ACRL* and ILA+. The current requirement of ACRL membership for Secretary/Treasurer limits the number of Iowa academic librarians who are eligible to serve the association in this capacity. Removing the ACRL membership requirement will enable and encourage more Iowa academic librarians to run for elected office by eliminating a financial barrier to increased engagement with our association.

*ACRL Guide to Policies & Procedures. Chapter 5 – ACRL Chapters
  5.7 Roles & Responsibilities of Chapters, Chapters Council, & ACRL
  5.7.1 … Officers.
 The president (chair) and vice-president (vice-chair) of each chapter must be members of ACRL or the chapter may have a delegate who is a member of the executive board of the chapter and also a member of ACRL.

+Only the Councilor position is expected to be a member of both the state and the national associations.
Bylaws of the Iowa Library Association. Article VI: Nominations and Elections
  Section 2: Elected Officers and At-Large Board Members
  A. … No person may be nominated for or serve in an elected position Executive Board unless he or she is a Personal Member of the Association.
  B. ALA Councilor Nominations. …All candidates must be current members of both ILA and ALA.