Starring Stanley: Clarke University Library PR/Marketing Award project update

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Jenny Parker, Reference and Instruction Librarian at Clarke University, provides us with an update below about how she is using the ILA-ACRL PR/Marketing Award she was awarded last year. Enjoy!

Stanley the Pug

If you happened to visit the Clarke library recently, you would have noticed a sign indicating a “Pug Presence" while we filmed library videos. To refresh your memory, the Clarke library received the $500 ILA-ACRL PR/Marketing grant to purchase a GoPro camera and dog harness and create a series of humorous and educational library videos featuring Stanley the Pug.

We hired an undergraduate communications major to help us create these videos (Megan Kane, pictured). This spring, Megan wrote a storyline for the project, which will include five episodes. The storyline is as follows: Stanley will be an incoming first-year student who receives a big research assignment. Megan Kane and Stanley He is overwhelmed and doesn't know where to begin. He reaches out to his new friend, Max (a library student worker), and the helpful librarians for guidance. Throughout the episodes, he learns to utilize the different resources that the library has to offer.

Two weeks ago, Stanley's individual shots were filmed. This week, we have started filming with actors (Clarke drama students) that play Stanley’s voice, and Stanley’s friend Max.

The original timeline was to complete the videos this fall semester. However, with several interface updates (webpage, catalog, and interlibrary loan system), we thought it would be best to extend the timeline into the spring semester in order to include our most up to date interfaces in the videos. We should be on track to complete the first episode yet this semester (which doesn’t include any of the technology upgrades).

Many thanks to Iowa ACRL and the Awards Committee for helping us make this project possible. We are especially grateful for flexibility on the timeline so that we are able to incorporate the new interfaces in the videos. The flexible timeline means that the videos won’t be immediately outdated, and we won’t need to do a lot of time consuming editing to rework the videos to incorporate the new interfaces.

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you happen to visit Clarke anytime soon, be on the lookout for Stanley!