Drake University Welcomes Samantha Becker as Campus Engagement Librarian

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Samantha Becker

As of Aug. 1, Sam Becker is the new Campus Engagement Librarian at Drake University's Cowles Library. In this role, Sam will assist in encouraging collaborative partnerships between the library and other campus entities as well as serving as a liaison for select social sciences and teaching in the First Year Seminar program. This role will involve working with offices like Student Inclusion, Involvement, and Leadership as well as Admissions and various student organizations. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, she will collaborate with campus and library partners to increase student-centered programming done at Cowles.

Before coming to Des Moines, Sam worked at the University of Nevada Reno. While in Reno, she perfected the art of remembering to use the high altitude instructions on boxed food. While there, Sam also worked closely with select social science departments and the first-year composition program to promote library instruction and develop online learning tools. Since she likes to work closely with students, Sam took a supervisory role to a group of undergraduate reference student workers and worked with identity based student organizations.

When not working, Sam spends most of her time putting her dog on or taking her dog off of furniture she's too small to access on her own. Occasionally, she also moves around in the name of fitness but usually not for very long.