Organization Manual: Nominating Committee Chair

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The Nominating Committee is responsible for the nomination and election of officers in addition to identifying and appointing members to committees. Committee chairs and members are announced at the Annual Business Meeting. The election is held electronically (as of 2009) with the electronic voting booth opening following the Annual Business Meeting. Timely scheduling is necessary to get election results into the November newsletter.

A thorough reading of this page is helpful, as is a review of the bylaws regarding committees and voting.

Schedule of Activities

Attend the transitional ILA/ACRL Executive Board planning meeting. Discuss publicity needs with the Newsletter Committee Chair.

Executive Board meetings may be called during the year. Plan to attend and assume responsibility as appropriate.

Correspond with members of the Committee acknowledging their appointments and outlining the work that will be done and their expected contributions. Send a copy to the President so that communication channels are open.

Update and submit the Volunteer/Nominations Form to the chair of the Electronic Communications Committee for posting on the web page. Communicate with Committee members to solicit development of ideas.

Observe activity in the Chapter to identify potential chairs and committee members.

The Spring Conference committee is appointed on July 1, so seek members and a committee chair at this time. Remember that committee chairs must be approved by the Executive Board 30 days before appointment.

Attend Chapter's Spring Conference. Distribute volunteer form at the Spring Conference, including it with conference packets if possible.

Using the listserv and other electronic communications (FB, Twitter, etc.), send an invitation to volunteer including a link to the online form.

ILA/ACRL newsletter deadline. Volunteer Form published in newsletter.

Contact potential nominees for elected office (VP/President Elect; Secretary/Treasurer; At-Large). Consult current Chapter membership list.

Verify qualifications including: ILA and ILA/ACRL membership plus ACRL membership as required and avoidance of consecutive and/or successive terms [see Bylaws (1995) Article VII, Sections 1,2,3]. Request written acceptance of the nominations and forward to the President.

The slate of candidates must be approved by the Executive Board.

August / September
Catalyst deadline. Any bylaws changes must be presented to the membership 30 days in advance of a vote (via the Catalyst and/or member listserv). [Secretary/Treasurer will have the exact language of the proposed changes.]

Gather biographical information and statement of interest from each officer candidate. Submit the biographical sketches and their statement of interest to the Newsletter committee. The slate of candidates must be announced to each Chapter member at least 30 days prior to the Annual Business Meeting. Use the Web page and listserv to announce names of nominees.

Contact potential Committee members and confirm willingness to serve. Verify ILA/ACRL membership [see Bylaws (1995) Article VIII, Section 1]. Resolve size of committees in accord with the bylaws.

Begin to create online survey for election (Survey Monkey, as an example) that allows for anonymous voting. Create paper ballots for those requesting a paper ballot.

Compile a list of Committee chairs. Present it, with a list of Committee members, at the Annual Business Meeting. Introduce the candidates for elected office at the Annual Meeting. Distribute additional information sheets about the candidates as necessary. Have a draft ballot ready in case paper ballots are requested.

Immediately after the Annual Business Meeting, finalize the electronic and paper ballots, adding any nominations received by Petition, if applicable. (Paper ballots will be sent upon request or to members without email addresses.) Request a current membership list with email addresses to reach all current ILA/ACRL members. Include the following on the ballots:

  • links to the candidates information;
  • voting period;
  • how winners will be announced.

If there are bylaws revisions for voting, include a short explanation. Prior to voting, consult with the ILA Executive Office to ensure the member list is current.

Announce the opening (one week after the Annual Business Meeting) and closing dates for voting to all the members via email, or via paper if no email is available. Those elected to office will be asked to participate in the ILA Planning Day (currently in November) so the election will need to be in a timely manner to accommodate notification of winners and their participation at Planning Day.

If paper ballots are sent, include with the ballot a short cover letter, biographical information about the candidates, a short explanation of any by-laws revisions, and a return envelope with the name/address of the Chair of the Nominating Committee. Do not open any returned ballots until they are to be tallied.
Contact the ILA Executive Office for electronic vote tallies as soon as the voting period has ended. Announce results by notifying all candidates, the Executive Board, and membership, and others as appropriate.

Write letters of appreciation to the Committee Members, prepare the annual report to submit to the President, and update these Organization Manual pages. Attend the ILA Annual Planning Session and pass records to the incoming Chair, archival records for the year to the outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, and Organization Manual revisions to the incoming Vice-President/President-Elect.

Special Information

1. For each position, try to have at least four possible names, and for Vice-President/President-Elect, two or three names is advisable. Strive for as much balance (re., geography, type of library, position held) as possible.

2. Per chapter by-laws, chairs for the Fall Program, Spring Conference, Electronic Communications, Newsletter Committee, Membership Committee, and Directory Committee are appointed by the Vice-President/President Elect, in consultation with the Nominating Committee and with the approval of the Executive Board.

2. Refer to the bylaws for specific committee information and make-up.

3. Refer to the bylaws for specific information regarding the voting process and officer duties.

The Nominating Committee Chair

1983 Patrick Wilkinson, University of Northern Iowa
1984 Jamie Coniglio, Iowa State University
1985 Elizabeth Kaschins, Luther College
1986 Dorothy Persson, University of Iowa
1987 Theresa Walker, T. Walker & Associates
1988 Patrick Wilkinson, University of Northern Iowa
1989 Jane Kemp, Luther College
1990 Phil Van De Voorde, Iowa State University
1991 Jill Miller, Kirkwood Community College
1992 Catherine Rod, Grinnell College
1993 Leo Clougherty, University of Iowa
1994 Tina Herb, Kirkwood College
1995 Robert Rose, University of Northern Iowa
1996 Mary McInroy, University of Iowa
1997 Mary Beveridge, Drake University
1998 Chris Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa
1999 Ed Goedeken, Iowa State University
2000 Jane Campagna, Scott Community College
2001 Rachel Crowley, Morningside College
2002 John Pollitz, St. Ambrose University
2003 Ellen Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa
2004 Kathy Parsons, Iowa State University
2005 Rebecca Stuhr, Grinnell College
2006 Jean Donham, Cornell College
2007 Mary Heinzman, St. Ambrose University
2008 Brett Cloyd, University of Iowa
2009 Mary Iber, Cornell College
2010 Ryan Gjerde, Luther College
2011 Rebecca Funke, Des Moines Area Community College
2012 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2013 Dan Chibnall, Grand View University
2014 Anne Marie Gruber, University of Dubuque
2015 Sara Scheib, University of Iowa
2016 Beth McMahon, Central College
2017 Jennifer Sterling, William Penn College
2018 Julia Salting, St. Ambrose College