Organization Manual:Introduction

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The Organization Manual of the Iowa Library Association Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ILA/ACRL) codifies the functions and operating procedures of the organization. The Manual is intended to be more specific than the Bylaws and to implement the Strategic Plan. Position descriptions in narrative and itemized form are presented for each member of the Executive Board, and it is to these individuals that the Manual will be distributed.

The manual provides a place to record both current and past activities of the academic librarians' professional association in Iowa. Portions that have already been written are published in the History section that follows. Others are invited to contribute and expand this section. All submissions are collected by the Chapter's Vice-President/President-Elect. As an example of history yet to bring together, Kay Elliott suggested a list of sites, dates, and themes of the spring meetings.

Other data and documents may be developed and included. Annual updates for officers' responsibilities will be compiled and distributed by the newly selected Vice-President/President-Elect. Revision of this very page is intended, and the signature of other authors will replace those previously affixed. Only a beginning was made in 1992.

In production of the initial document, appreciation goes to Jill Miller for research on the history of ILA/ACRL and preparation of substantial parts of the material. Patrick Wilkinson provided not only words but also an overview and perspective from significant events. Kay Elliott reviewed and refined the final draft. Mary Ann Bolton wrote the Secretary/Treasurer section, Mary McInroy Membership, Bob Rose and Georgia Quirk the Introduction and Brief History, Barb Allen for placing this work on the ILA/ACRL Web Site, and the many others who have helped to provide input. Most of all, this is a job that has only begun, and those who follow will continue the project. It is to the future of the organization that this Manual is directed.

For further information contact the Executive Assistant:

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