Organization Manual: Fall Program Committee Chair

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The activities of the Fall Program Committee are to plan and publicize the ILA/ACRL concurrent session and ILA/ACRL Discussion Forum at the ILA Fall Conference.

The bylaws revision of 1995 created a separate committee to plan Fall Conference programs. Formerly, those responsibilities were part of the Program Committee. In 1994, the ILA/ACRL Discussion Forum began; prior to the change in bylaws, the forum was organized on an ad hoc basis.

Schedule of Activities

Correspond or meet with members of the Committee, acknowledging their appointments and outlining the work that will be done and their expected contributions. Begin developing list of potential speakers for the concurrent session and discussion forum. By this time, ILA may have already requested such a list. If possible, potential speakers should be qualified to speak on a theme related to the conference theme. NOTE: some years the conference theme is not announced until November or later.
Plan to attend the ILA/ACRL Executive Board planning meeting. Plan to attend the ILA Planning Meeting as potential speakers and topics need to be identified and turned in during this meeting. 

**The chair typically serves on the ILA Conference Planning Committee, the speakers sub-group in particular. They meet twice a year and communicate monthly via conference calls.

As part of the ILA Conference Planning COmmittee, a priority list of potential speakers begins.  
Executive Board meetings may be called throughout the year. Plan to attend and assume responsibility as appropriate. Submit sub-division speaker request.

During this time, the ILA Conference Planning Committee should meet to begin determining what sessions will move forward.  The chair can reach out to potential speakers, if necessary.  

The specific format of the Discussion Forum (number of presenters, etc.) should have been determined by this time and initial contact for a moderator and/or presenters should be made (see Special Information note 6 below). Determine date and time of ACRL sessions (usually Thursday afternoon).


Continue to meet with the ILA Conference Planning Committee to finalize the conference schedule and speakers.  Give a written and oral report during the business meeting at the ILA/ACRL Spring Conference

Speaker contracts are signed and completed, which is handled by the ILA Office.  Session details are finalized with speaker.

In most cases, the speaker provides an article describing concurrent session for July/August Catalyst. Chair may also write separate article about discussion forum, at his/her discretion. Fall conference information should also be posted on the ILA/ACRL blog and other social media sites. The Catalyst deadline is May 31. 

Continue to meet with the ILA Conferenc Planning Committee to finalize the conference schedule and speakers.  

Continue to meet with the ILA Conferenc Planning Committee to finalize the conference schedule and speakers.

Session managers for concurrent session and discussion forum are appointed. These may be one person or two, the chair or her/his designee. By this time the basic details for the discussion forum should be in place (speakers, moderator, format, room arrangement). The person designated to introduce the concurrent session speaker should also have been determined (this may be the chair of the committee or her/his designee.)

ILA Conference. Prepare and give written and oral committee reports at the ILA/ACRL business meeting.
Arrange for session write-up for the November ILA/ACRL Blog

Write letters of appreciation to Discussion Forum participants and concurrent session speaker (confer with Conference Planning Committee concerning the latter), prepare the annual report, and update these Organization Manual pages. Attend ILA/ACRL Executive Board meeting and pass activity information to the incoming chair, archival records for the year to the outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, and Organization Manual revisions to the incoming Vice-President/President-Elect.

Special Information

  1. The chair need not (and should not) do all the work. Publicity, for example, can be assigned to one or more committee members. The chair will need to monitor delegated activities to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.
  2. The list of potential speakers should include addresses (including e-mail addresses) and phone numbers.
  3. Depending on the timing, either the Chair or the ILA Office will contact proposed spakers for the concurrent session and the ILA Office will negotiate a speaker agreement.  It is the responsibility of the committee chair to work with the speaker, once such is found on the actual content of the session.
  4. It is the responsibility of the chair to contact and arrange for any "speakers" at the discussion forum. Any persons involved in this program should be Iowa librarians and there will be no reimbursement or other expenses provided for this forum without the approval of the current ILA/ACRL President.
  5. Most expenses for the concurrent session speaker will be covered by ILA. These include airfare, lodging, meals, and related expenses. In most years, this will also include a $200 honorarium. If the speaker requested requires more than a $200 honorarium, the additional honorarium expense will have to come from the ILA/ACRL treasury. Any such additional expense will require the approval of the ILA/ACRL President.
  6. The ILA/ACRL Discussion Forum was instituted in 1994. The intent of this forum was to provide an opportunity for ILA/ACRL members to get together to discuss a topic of mutual interest, usually specifically related to the theme developed by the concurrent session speaker. The original idea was to have one or two persons either react to the concurrent session speaker's address or to present a short presentation on a related topic. The notion of having someone make such a short presentation was simply t o serve as a starting point for the discussion which would follow.

The Fall Program Committee Chair

Ad Hoc Chairs, pre-1996

1994 Kris Gerhard, ISU and Bob Rose, UNI
1995 Carolynne Lathrop, University of Dubuque

Fall Program Chairs

1996 Carolynne Lathrop, University of Dubuque
1997 Richard Reitsma, Northwestern College
1998 Katherine Martin, University of Northern Iowa
1999 John Pollitz, St. Ambrose University
2000 Rachel Crowley, Morningside College
2001 Stephen Dew, University of Iowa
2002 Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa
2003 Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa
2004 Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa
2005 Becky Lutkenhaus, University of Northern Iowa
2006 Barbara Robb
2007 Barbara Robb
2008 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2009 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2011 Kathy Parsons, Iowa State University
2012 Kate Hess, Kirkwood
2013 Julia Dickinson, St. Ambrose
2014 Julia Dickinson, St. Ambrose
2015 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2016 Amy Paulus, University of Iowa
2017 Ellen Neuhaus, University of Northern Iowa
2018 Claudia Frazer, Drake University
2019 Claudia Frazer, Drake University