Awards Committee - Description

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Awards Committee

This committee works to publicize, evaluate, and select winners for Iowa ACRL awards.  The typical year has members of the Award Committee working on three of the four awards listed below:

  • Spring Conference Scholarship (to attend Iowa ACRL Spring Conference)
  • PR/Marketing Grant (awarded in odd numbered years)
  • Research Award (awarded in even numbered years)
  • Fall Conference Scholarship (to attend ILA’s fall conference)

Time Commitment

Work time on this committee is concentrated primarily to the deadline dates for the awards.  A small amount of time is required to discuss strategies for publicizing and/or evaluating.  Some time is required to review applications (usually no more than 5-6) and select winners for the various awards.  Activity is primarily in the Spring and early Fall months.

A small amount of time may be needed for miscellaneous activity (e.g. revisions to Awards section of organizational manual).


All work can be done electronically (email, video chat, etc.) and no in-person meetings are required.  Attendance at the Spring and Fall Conferences is encouraged but not required.