Member profile: Mary Anne Knefel

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Mary Anne Knefel

Mary Anne Knefel, Library Director at University of Dubuque's Charles C. Myers Library, has been a member of ILA-ACRL for 35 years! She recently received a Legacy Award from the organization for her committed membership. Below in her own words are some reasons why she values her ILA-ACRL membership:

"I have enjoyed being involved in ILA-ACRL so much because of the friends I made and the great ideas I heard from my amazing Iowa colleagues. When I was just entering the profession, I learned so much at the conferences, especially because generous people like Nancy Kraft introduced me to so many people. I hope I played a small part in similarly helping new librarians.  On a less serious note, my favorite part of any conference is asking Leo Clougherty (University of Iowa) to tell me a joke. He has never let me down! (His specialty is Lena and Ole jokes.)"