Member profile: Dottie Persson

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At the recent conference, many members received Legacy Awards celebrating their years of membership in ILA-ACRL. Over the coming weeks, we'll be profiling some of our longest-standing members on this blog. These committed members really demonstrate the value of active membership and the benefits our association provides.

First is Dottie Persson, retired from University of Iowa. She joined ILA-ACRL in 1981 so she has seen much in her 35 years as a member!

Dottie is a Life member and especially values having connections and leadership opportunities within the state of Iowa. She writes:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my years in ILA and ILA/ACRL.  Over the years, I received comments from others that my loyalty to ILA was stronger than my loyalty to ALA.  My response was that I met so many wonderful people in ILA, saw the fruits of everyone's work for libraries and librarianship in ILA, and witnessed the gratitude that all volunteers in ILA received."

Dottie Persson with Student

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