Organization Manual: College Readiness Chair

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The College Readiness Committee began as two committees, the K12/Higher Education ad hoc committee and the K-16 Joint Steering Committee created in 2011 by ILA-ACRL & IASL, respectively. The mutual goal of these two committees was to develop future plans for collaboration, in particular, to focus on concerns related to K-16 information literacy. 

The ILA-ACRL ad hoc committee was appointed for a maximum of two terms of two years each (as outlined in ILA-ACRL by-laws) and ended its final term in November 2015. In that time, the committee had completed substantial work implementing an edited version of a Tools for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy (TRAILS) test, designed by Kent State University, to develop a baseline understanding of the information literacy college readiness of first-year students from higher education institutions across the state. Findings from the assessments provided a baseline understanding of students’ information literacy college readiness. Based on these findings, suggestions were made for professional development and advocacy opportunities to support sustained K-16 information literacy efforts.

Based on the success of these two committees, ILA/ACRL & IASL executive boards recommended the development of a permanent joint ILA/ACRL & IASL College Readiness Committee.

Committee charge:

Support K-12 library programs, ensure collaboration to provide strong K-16 information literacy efforts throughout the state, and conduct assessment and advocacy. 


The committee develops resources and opportunities to strengthen K-16 information literacy efforts across the state. 

Monthly or every other month

  • Hold virtual committee meeting
  • Distribute communications about relevant committee work or local and national information literacy/college readiness resources and initiatives to relevant listservs and social media outlets, including: SLIK, ILA-ACRL


  • Plan a presentation/session for the spring ILA/ACRL conference to share out committee work, especially as it relates to developing an awareness about the current state of K-12 libraries and information literacy programs across the state.
  • Attend the ILA/ACRL Conference or appoint a representative  
  • Plan a presentation/session for the summer IASL/Reading Conference


  • Try to arrange a face-to-face working meeting to complete or continue projects in the works.


  • Attend the fall ILA Conference or appoint a representative.

College Readiness Chairs

2016 Ericka Raber, University of Iowa, and Val Ehlers, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, Grundy Center
2017 Ericka Raber, University of Iowa
2018 Ericka Raber, University of Iowa
2019 Katie Hassman