ILA/ACRL Spring Conference 2013 - Call for Presentation Proposals

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Big Questions, Big Opportunities:
Bringing Start-Up Culture to Our Libraries

Friday, May 10, 2013
Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals: Monday, February 25, 2013

In a world where individuals increasingly find, curate, and preserve their own information, what is the role of the academic library and academic librarians? While not a new question for our profession, as higher education begins deep transformations of its own, we find ourselves in a time of big questions and big opportunities. From the explosive growth of Big Data and patron-driven acquisition to just-in-time digital library instruction, from MOOCs to open courses from big-brand universities, now is an excellent time for librarians and those others to gather to explore our common questions and opportunities.

The planning committee is especially interested in sessions on the following topics and including others from outside of the library:

  • As a group who has been deeply experiencing the ‘disruptive innovation’ of the Internet for over 20 years, how can we help lead our institutions that are increasingly being disrupted by social technology?
  • How can we collaborate with others to ensure our graduates have the 21st century skills employers desire?
  • How is your library being proactive in the face of changes, threats, or shifts in higher education?
  • What success is your library having, and what failures? We are particularly interested in ‘epic fails’ that have led to growth or change.
  • How do you tell the story of your academic library, your librarians, and the role they play in student success? To whom are you telling this story, and any tips for working with administration and boards?

The committee is particularly interested in sessions that involve others from outside the library.

Sessions are 45 minutes. We recommend that presentations be approximately 30-35 minutes allowing 10-15 minutes for questions. Please note that conference sessions may be recorded and shared via video podcasting.

The committee will be evaluating the proposals from these perspectives: organization and clarity, demonstrated knowledge of the subject, adaptability to other institutions, interest to the academic library community, relevance to the conference theme, and collaboration among or within institutions.

Submission Procedure for Presentation Proposals